Seller Registration

Thanks for renting a rack! Get started by creating a seller account, below.


How much does it cost to rent a rack?

There are two pricing options:

1) Pay $68 rental fee, get 60% of your net sales

2) Pay $98 rental fee, get 80% of your net sales

How long is the rental period?

A rental period is 2 weeks.

You are welcome to book multiple 2-week blocks, pending availability.

How do I see what has sold?

Login to our site to see your sales at anytime.

How do I get paid?

I rented my rack, what's next?

Once you pay your rental fee, you'll register on our site as a seller and enter your products and prices.

On your rental start date, you'll bring in your items, and we'll have a rack, price tags and hangers ready to for you. Tag and hang your items and leave the rest to us!