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"Cool S" Drop Earrings

"Cool S" Drop Earrings

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Handmade "Cool S" drop earrings with stud posts. 

Nobody knows the origin of the "Cool S", but we all know it, and we f*cking love it. 90's babies across the world etched this symbol of our youth into desks, backpacks, trapper keepers, and Chuck Taylors. Our silent badge of honor connects us all by a universal thread. Now, it's the icon of our generation; a crest we wear dripping with nostalgia. It honors our love for Nick at Nite, Yikesss pencils, Pogs, and ball chain necklaces.  We will always love you, "Cool S" thing. We wear you with pride. 

Measures approximately 4.25 inches in length. Made from Nickel free findings, clear neon acrylic. Wipe clean with a dry cloth, and store carefully in a cool, dry place.

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