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Plunk Soap

Flamingo Design Bar of Soap: Tropical theme

Flamingo Design Bar of Soap: Tropical theme

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Flaming Design Soap Description: Moisturize and pamper your skin with these bars of soap infused with pure coconut oil and scented in your choice * 5.3 ounces | 4 x 2.5 *Beautiful, detailed soap * Hand-Made Artisan Soap * Made in the USA in East Hampton, CT * Eco-Friendly * High quality ingredients *There are three options to choose from when ordering: 1. Soaps Only 2. Soaps will come with the bag and ribbons and customer assembles them. 3. Come assembled, ready to sell with ingredient tag on the back. If you are ordering option one or option two, an ingredient list will be located on the back of the Thank you card that will be in your order. This is for customers who would like to make their own labels and for clients who use for weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, etc.


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