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Seed Packet - Purple Clover

Seed Packet - Purple Clover

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Purple (AKA Red) Clover flowers are underappreciated because they are abundant and ubiquitous. Just check your local meadow and you'll find them growing wild and free! Flower heads are collected in full bloom during the summer months. Ancient cultures, including the Druids, believed that Red Clover could ward off evil spells and witches while other groups were fascinated by the three-lobed leaves that were associated with the trinity and the four-lobed leaves that symbolized the iconic symbol of the cross.

Purple Clover (Trifolium pratense)

Opportunity surrounds you! Adjust your gaze to appreciate the bounty of opportunities that awaits.

Envelope contains 15 seeds

  • SUN NEEDS: full sun (minimum of 6 hours)
  • GERMINATION: 7 days
  • MATURITY: 60-70 days
  • PLANT HEIGHT: 4-12 inches
  • SOIL TYPE: medium to well-drained soil

Sow seeds outdoors from January to April or August to November in full sun or partial shade. Full sun provides the best yields. Totally fine to plant them densely.


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